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The big irony, the enemy of cloud gaming is the internet itself

The typical gamer knows little or nothing about how the internet works, what makes this magic connection between his progress in a multiplayer game with the server and the other players. For those

Using OSPF instead of overriding DNS entries for DMZ services

In order to give local users access to servers with private IPs that are located in our DMZ area, we use DNS overriding. That is a proven method with its own disadvantages. Unfortunately there are

Efficient subnetting

With the following setup I will try to illustrate a more efficient use of IP subnets. With this method assuming that you are using linux kernel based devices (servers and routers), we can avoid

How to fix your not working Windows 10 Start Button

If you stack with this annoying bug of a non working start button, you can try the following workout. Using task manager kill (end task) Windows explorer service. Click on 'File' menu then 'Run new

How To Configure a Galera Cluster with MariaDB on Arch Linux

Assuming that we already have two machines (node1 and node2) running mariadb database server we can proceed with Galera installation. Unfortunately galera package in aur is broken, so we will have to

Multiple loopback IPs in Arch Linux

A pretty easy way to configure multiple loopback IPs in Arch Linux is using systemd-networkd. We must populate the configuration file for loopback interface # cat << EOF >

DNS high availability using ExaBGP

When the infrastructure must comply with high avaliability standards all its components must be resilient to temporarily or permament failure. DNS service is a critical part of every infrastructure